Paneer Tikka Masala

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  • Serves: 4
  • Prep Time: 5 min
  • Cooking: 20 min
  • Calories:
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Paneer tikka masala is an Indian dish. It is essentially made from paneer tikka, which is served in a spiced gravy. It is a vegetarian alternative to chicken tikka masala and other meat dishes



    1. Heat oil in a pan. Place onions, ginger-garlic paste, capsicum and cumin seeds in a pan and saute in oil till the cumin crackles.
    2. Add the rest of the masalas, sugar and salt and saute for 3 mins
    3. Add milk and mix well.
    4. Add the tomato paste and if they're not ripe and red, mix the food coloring.
    5. Let simmer for 10 mins.
    6. Add the paneer cubes and let it simmer for 5 mins. Add red chilli powder. Adjust seasonings for taste.
    7. Serve with garlic naans or rice. 

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Reviews (1)

  • Aparajita 18th, April 2015

    Taste and loving it

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