• Serves: 5
  • Prep Time: 20 mins
  • Cooking: 50 mins
  • Calories:
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Adhirasam is a type of Indian sweet from Tamil cuisine. The doughnut like pastry has a long history of popularity in Tamil civilization. They are similar in shape to vadai, but are not savoury and are eaten as a dessert.

Adhirasam is a popular as an offering to the gods during puja prayers, both at home and in temples in Tamil Nadu. According to inscriptions from Krishnadevaraya's time, the sweet was made from rice flour, jaggery, butter and pepper.At the annual festival at the Panchavarnesvar Temple in Nallur (located near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu), an offering of 6000 Adhirasams along with 6000 vadas is made to the Gods; the entire lot is cooked in the temple kitchen between sunrise and 11 pm, for the prayers that take place at midnight.



    -          Wash the rice, soak it for one hour in water, dry in shade for about two hours and grind to a fine paste

    -          Powder the jaggery, add in a pan with water just to cover the jaggery and boil on medium flame.

    -          Once the jaggery is totally diluted, strain using a filter to remove impurities and put this back on the flame.

    -          Put this decoction back on flame and keep stirring till it thickens slightly. (Not too hard – Hard decoction gives harder adhirasam. The consistency should be that of a ripe tomato when you try to make a ball– thakkaali padham in tamizh)

    -          Remove from flame at this stage and all elaichi powder.

    -          Spread the rice flour on a wide plate.

    -          Use one serving spoon to pour the jaggery decoction and use another spatula to keep mixing.

    -          Once the entire decoction is dissolved in the flour, transfer this into another vessel and sprinkle some oil on it.

    -          Use a dry plastic cover or a small piece from a banana leaf to make the adhirasam. Smear oil on the cover/leaf.

    -          Make balls to the size of your liking and flatten it.

    -          Heat oil in a kadai on medium flame.

    -          Fry the flattened flour when the oil is medium hot (not too hot)

    -          Take a big plate, place the stone/plank used for making rotis on top of that. Place the cooked adhirasam on that and roll it lightly using the pin. This helps in removing excess oil.

    -          Place the adhirasam on dry paper to absorb additional oil

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